SkyHigh Memory

SkyHigh Memory is a technology leader that designs, develops, and markets high performance non-volatile Flash Memory products for the following key markets: (i) automotive, (ii) communications, (iii) digital consumer, and (iv) industrial and medical. SkyHigh is committed to provide unparalleled  quality product and services to our customers and large supply.

Featured Products



SkyHigh Memory’s high performance and high reliability SLC NAND product portfolio includes two standard product families supporting 1bit and 4 bit ECC options. They are available in 1Gb to 16Gb densities.

SkyHigh Memory offers SLC NAND products with operating temperatures up to +105°C, compact packages to fit in small form factors and meet stringent quality standards including AEC-Q100 for automotive applications.



SkyHigh Memory offers a family of e.MMC 5.1 NAND Flash. These e.MMC products provide a highly efficient NAND flash memory, with an integrated controller and enhanced memory management. The e.MMC 51. Product family are offered in Industry standard and small form factor packages.

Our eMMC 5.1 NAND Flash is the optimal solution for large data storage in embedded applicationsin the Communication, Consumer, and Industrial Segments.

​​​​NAND Base MCP


SkyHigh Memory S6 Multi-Chip Package (MCP) product family, provides an integrated solution by stacking in one package 1.8V SLC NAND and 1.8V LPDRAM4xMemory components. This product family is designed for applications that need high reliability and performance with lower power consumption within small form factor.

SkyHigh Memory MCP products are available in densities ranging from 4Gb SLC NAND +4Gb LPDDR4x to 8Gb SLC NAND +8Gb LPDDR4x and offered in small JEDECcompliant 149-ball BGA packages.This benefit becomes more critical in small PCBs for modules and space critical designs particularly for mobile and portable applications.



The SkyHigh Memory ML-3 SPI NAND Flash family is offered in 1Gb to 24b densities. The family offers products with 3.3V VCC power supply, and x1, x2, x4 I/O interface. The page size is either (2048 + 128 spare) or (2048 + 64 spare) bytes. The bytes of spare area can be used for meta data or parity bits.

The ML-3 SPI NAND Flash family also provides enhanced security features for applications which need the highest security.

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