Lattice Semiconductor is the low power programmable leader. Lattice solve customer problems across the network, from the Edge to the Cloud, in the growing communications, computing, industrial, automotive and consumer markets. Their technology, long-standing relationships, and commitment to world-class support lets the customers quickly and easily unleash their innovation to create a smart, secure and connected world.

Featured Products

General Purpose FPGA

Broad Range of Applications

  • Avant
  • CertusPro-NX
  • Certus-NX
  • ECP5/ECP5-5G
  • LatticeECP3
  • LatticeECP2/M
  • LatticeXP2

Video Connection FPGAs

Video Bridging & Processing 

  • CrossLink-NX
  • CrossLinkPlus
  • CrossLink

Ultra Low Power FPGAs

World’s Smallest Form Factor FPGAs

  • iCE40 UltraPlus
  • iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite
  • iCE40 LP/HX

Control & Security FPGAs

Platform Mgmt & Security

  • MachXO5-NX
  • Mach-NX
  • MachXO3D
  • MachXO3
  • MachXO2
  • MachXO
  • Platform Manager 2 & L-ASC10
  • ispMACH 4000ZE
  • ispMACH 4000V/Z

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