Integrated Drive Technology

The IDT 30-year heritage and leadership in digital technologies, coupled with our in-house analog talents and capabilities, make us the premier analog and digital company.

At IDT, we are building on our leadership positions in timing, serial switching and interfaces to expand our mixed-signal content in Communications, Computing and Consumer applications. By adding analog and system expertise to our traditional digital competencies, we are providing our customers with complete application-optimized mixed-signal solutions.

Featured Products

Power Management Solutions

  • Intelligent System Power Solutions
  • Power Metering
  • Wireless Power

Clocks & Timing

  • Clock Distribution
  • Clock Sources (Asynchronous Generators)
  • Frequency Control Products (FCP)
  • Jitter Atten Freq Translaors
  • PC Motherboard Clocks
  • PCI Express Clocking Solutions
  • VCSO PLL Modules
  • WAN PLLs (Sonet,1GE, 10GE, 1588)

Analog & RF

  • Analog and USB Switches
  • Power Metering
  • RF Signal Path
  • Telecommunication
  • Temperature Sensors

Audio Products

  • AC97 Codecs
  • Consumer Audio I2S Codecs
  • High Definition (HD) Audio Codecs

Touch & User Interface

  • FullResolution Touch Screen Controllers
  • Touch Controller
  • Touch Controller with LED Driver

Interface & Connectivity

  • Memory Interface
  • PCI Express
  • Phy
  • Serial Rapid IO
  • Signal Integrity
  • Telecommunication
  • VME

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