Macnica, Inc. launches Mpression technical solutions leveraging technology solutions developed by Macnica group companies worldwide

TOKYO, Japan - Macnica, Inc. (TSE: 7631), a leading technical distributor of electronics and network related products, announced today that Macnica together with its global subsidiaries has launched a new family of Mpression technical solutions to help their electronics design customers worldwide. Macnica is gathering the technical expertise and solutions developed by Macnica Group companies worldwide under this new "Mpression"* brand.

While electronic designs are becoming more complex, engineers are required to design products on ever shortening schedules and at lower costs, without compromising performance or quality.  Moreover, the amount of resources available for a project (people, money and time) is often diminished in today's harsh global economic conditions.

With these changes in the design environment, there is increasing demand for systems level solutions including the use of ICs, PCB design, system integration and software. Macnica Group believes it is in a unique position to offer special design services and IP developed from the system designer's standpoint and has been delivering these solutions through a special technology group that is separate from the regular sales and support organizations. Macnica is now taking another step ahead to form the Mpression brand to integrate the technical knowledge and solutions built by local Macnica Group companies.  These solutions are then offered globally to reinforce the group's technical value proposition to all of its customers.

The solutions developed by Macnica Group companies include various evaluation board platforms for new IC products, hardware IP building blocks for applications and functions needed to build innovative product. Also offered are demos and reference designs integrating the IP blocks on our platforms to make proof-of-concept close to the customer's working environment for their target applications or to show the value of combining multiple solutions available from the Macnica Group. These solutions are now branded as Mpression solutions and will be offered not only by the companies who developed them, but also other Macnica group companies in Japan, China, Asia Pacific countries, North America and Europe.

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“Mpression” is filed for trademark registration in Japan, US and other countries worldwide


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